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The First Clay People

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When the world was created,Wanka-tanka and the gods decided to make the first clay people.
Two mud figures were made,one of a girl and one of a boy.
The boy was givena bow and arrows so that he might hunt for food.
Then,while the earth was still in darkness the gods,and Wanka-tanka,made all the animals pass in front of the boy.
He was to shoot one,and whichever he shot,would determan the condition they would create for him.
The boy hesitated,fearing to shoot an "unfavourable" animal,and waited untill the last creature came by..
His arrow sped true,for he had magical strength and killed a big Black and White buffalo,that fell in its tracks.
This condition determined by his choice was the aleration of light and darkness,of day and night.
The clay girl made clothes,and cooked the meat of the the blessed Buffalo.
That, night as the clay boy and girl, sat warm in their buffalo clothes, and bellies full. Looking up at the stars, they were happy. They could hear distant drumming that went on and on and it seemed to come from the near distance..
The clay people made up their minds to discover the cause of the drumming.
They followed the sound and soon distinguished voices singing sacred chants.
In a forest glade they came upon a small plantation of maize and a well constructed lodge where a festival was in progess. As they approached, a women asked them into the lodge.
They entered and in the dim light they saw the central altar where four old men, painted with red earth mixed with grease,chanted and beating the medicine-drums for the dance to begin.
The dancers were a great crowd of girls. This was the house of Moon Lady and her daughters the star. The round dance began. The first clay people were told to watch so that
they would understand the dance of the stars. The old men who led the chant were, "Wind, Cloud, Lighting, and Thunder" the four powers of the sky.
During the dance the Evening Star women stood in front of the altar, slightly to the west.
In the sacred medicine bundle basket she held the Moon. In front of her to the east, there danced four other women,,,who were the daughters of Big Black Meteor Star (Capella) who stand to the north-east in the night sky.
Big Black Metero Star was a star of magic,who would later be the instructress of the medicine men. His daughters danced to the the west, each carrying medicine bundle baskets, in which there were two white skins of swan's and one white buck coat.The First Clay people where ask to join the dance. As they danced the begain to under stand the magic of Wanka-tanka,and placed Moon Lady and her daughter stars in the sky.
The four groups of four deties for each quarter of the heavens, the moving stars, and the twelve great stars of Pleiades.
They learn, that they could consult thr stars if they ever felt threatened.
They were told that Morning star was appointed to hear there call when in need, and together with Evening Star that would help grant gifts for them and their childern.
As the dance started to come to a end,each star daughter gave the first clay people, their magical medicine baskets, with the symbols of the stars. there was one basket covered, The Clay people were told only to open this basket when they got home. As the two clay people sat there under the stars,they look at each other to question if it all was a vision. As they look by their feet ther sat the magical medicine bundle baskets.
They decided to remove the cover of the last basket, as they took of the cover, there was a glowing ball called the Sun, as the Sun lifted up out of the basket, it began to paint the fading stars, with many wonderful colors in the sky... then full lightness filled the sky.
Then first clay people knew they would miss the stars, for they remembered what they were taught from the moon Lady and stars. The first clay people decided they would cover the magic Sun basket each day, so they could see the stars and moon at night and remember.
As the first clay people looked at each other and smiled, they knew that this story, would be pass on to their childern, and their childern's childern.

So when you see a beautiful sun raise,and sun set, and see the wonderful stars come out at night, know that the First clay people are happy, and remember this story....:)

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