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Sweet Jar Spell

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Spell settings:
Day of week that work best:Sunday(Note,The day of week Sunday-Is ruled
by the Sun...The color is yellow. Sunday*s influence concerns creating
peace and harmony,obtaining the favor of those in high places in your
life,(this means,lovers,bosses,workers,family members ect...)
Candle Color: Yellow-(Note the color yellow is for

You will need a Large jar,(Note with a good seal lid,you wouldn*t want
any sweetness to get away... :)
One popsicle stick
1/4 cup sugar
2 large tablespoon of Honey

On the yellow candle,write your name and the person,you wish to have
sweet thoughts about you.on the sides of the candle. Bless and dress
candle with your favorit oil....something that smells a little sweet or
wisteria flower oil.(Note Wisteria flower-is for attracting happiness
and many good vibrations)
Light the candle(Note:,keeping in mind a smiling happy person,having
good thoughts about you.)

On a popsicle stick,write your full name on one side.
On the other side of the popsicle stick,write another person*s full
Get a jar big enough to put the popsicle stick inside and fill the jar
with water,honey and sugar.
Seal up the lid of the jar tight so that its contents can*t spill not want to lose any sweetness,like I said before... :)
In your mind get a clear image of the person whose name you have written
on the popsicle stick opposite your own.
Shake the bottles as you chant three,five,seven or nine times:
IN THIS HEALING CUP...repeat as need... :)

Let the candle burn down for a hour or so... It is Done..."Blessed Be"

Now,the great thing about this spell...:) each time you shake the bottle
here-after,the person will think sweet thoughts of you...and you of
them... :)

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