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Clay Dolls

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The Clay Doll is widely used in native workings,To me making a doll to represent myself or another ,is a harmless act...thats not to say that clay doll are not to impress harm...Its all in what the individual will use it for...To nite I will share with you how to make a harmless clay doll,for your own aid...

There are many clays on the market today,you will want to buy a clay,that is very earth based...

One doll can represent male or female,you do not have to make faces to place on your doll or extra body parts,for the sex of the doll...its what you will place in your clay.... as you make your doll and ritual,that will make this clay doll of magickal uses.

For love-mix in your clay...powdered vervain and powdered passion flower.
For Passion-mix in your clay...powdered myrtly and powdered cloves
For marriage-mix in your clay... powdered orange skins,powdered orris root and powdered anise.
For healing-mix in your clay...powdered blessed thistle.
For Spiritual and psychic power-mix in your clay... powdered anise seed
For luck-mix in your clay...powdered five finger grass.
For protection-mix in your clay....powdered five-finger grass and powdered sandalwood.
For money-mix in your clay...powdered thyme and powdered clove.

past, your clay doll over your holy water,your candle,your bowl of earth,your incense for your clay doll on your altar to dry..when you are not useing your clay doll for extra powers in your workings,place doll in a fur wrap,or wrapped clean linen.

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