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Tag U R It
Level Two Station

Instructions and Rules for Level One Station

1) You must be a Band or Artist
2) All styles of music may enter "Level One" of "Tag U R It" Station
3) You Must Listen to the full station of Music entered list
4) You then will be able to "Tag Vote" for only one Band or Artist and Enter Your one song.
5) You Can not Tag vote for your self at any time in this game and You can only enter one of your songs per day.
6) You Must Give Name of Band/Artist and Their Song Title Who you are Tag Voting For In First E-Mail
7) You Then May enter your Band/Artist Name, One Song, URL to your music page. and E-mail Address
8) Enter your First Tag Vote xxxxx(Here:e-mail abby to creator , HTML code  to First e-mail )xxxx
9) Once You are Tagged, You Will receive a E-mail From the Station Manager, That You Have been tagged .When you receive this message, You must come back to the Station To Tag Vote another Artist. You Will enter this Tag Vote In the Second E-mail given for second Tag Vote.
10) You Can not Tag Vote for your band/artist or the First Band That You tagged
11) On second Tag Vote e-mail, Write Band/Artist Name and Song You are Tagging Vote. Then Write only your Band/Artist Name and your song Title that is on the station today. "You can not change your song Title" And remember to write your e-mail address
12) Enter your Second Vote Tag Here xxxxx(Here, to creators e-mail, This e-mail will go to managers second e-mail abby...HTML code of abby placed here)xxxxx
13) If You are again tagged for  the second time you will receive a message from the Station Manager ,That you have been Tagged for the second time. You will return once again, To tag vote one more time.
14) You must follow Rules 11 and 12  You can not tag vote for your self or tag vote for the last two band/artist you have tagged in todays game. If You are Tagged for the Third time You will be entered at Level 2_ U R It  station.
15) If you are Here because you were tagged for the third time ,You Must Follow Rule 13... Enter Your Third Tag Vote  xxxxx(Here: creator third e-mail abby will be placed here...HTML code of manager's 3rd e-mail abby)....Good Luck at Level 2
Note: If You do not return to Tag another artist after you are tagged, You can not receive full credit for your tag Vote. And You Will be rotated off the station
Note: Game rotates Every 24 hours. So Remember the faster you return in one day after you are tagged voted...The Faster Your Band/Artist will move off this station to Level 2 Station.

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