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Valentine Greetings From Songbear&Clayaura

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Love Potions

Such a magic potion to ease the lovelorn and bring true love to one and all has been sought since caveman days.

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Love Potion #1

If you like the fragrance of Christmas candles, you 're under the spell of the wax myrtle tree, also called bayberry. Sacred to Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, wax myrtle flowers and leaves exude a lovely scent, perfect for provoking passion. After Venus bathed in the perfumed waters of myrtle, other ladies throughout the ages joined her. They sought the lustrous, illusive glow of the Love Goddess herself. To make this alluring love potion, steep the leaves and flowers of the bayberry tree in a glass pitcher of pure spring water. After 24 hours, this legendary love potion is ready for your bathing and passion-seeking pleasure

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Love Potion #3

If you're so much in love that you're too excited to sleep, you might have to fight grogginess during the day. For an energetic if fairly modern herbal remedy, take a few capsules of powdered cayenne pepper, washing it down with plenty of fresh water. It can, indeed, boost the energy engines, reportedly giving the body a quick, effective jolt just when needed. Cayenne stimulates blood flow, literally warming you up from the inside out -- extra energy to pursue your true love with due ardor and haste.


Love Potion #5

To dream of marigolds, said the ancient Greeks, is to foresee success, wealth, and most importantly, a rich and joyous marriage, to the lover of one's dreams. In Brittany, if a maiden touches calendula marigolds with her bare toe, she'll be able to understand the language of the birds, which is eternally the language of love. In the time of Henry VIII, March 25th was known as "Lady Day," and admirers sent their lady loves baskets of bright marigolds.


Love Potion #7

Sharing the leaves of periwinkle, it was widely believed, would unite a young woman and man and cause them to fall in love. The herb ensures loyalty and deep affection between man and wife, as well.


Love Potion #9

In France, honeyed orange-blossom water is an ancient romance beverage, especially for love-struck maidens. The custom of brides wearing orange blossoms, symbolic of chastity, dates back to the time of the Saracenes. Orange-blossom tea is a most pleasant love potion. It blesses brides-to-be with serenity and good cheer.

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Love Potion #2

To soothe the side effects of love sickness -- insomnia, anxiety, and that overall feeling of giddiness -- a variety of herbs were taken as tea. Even in our jaded times, the gentle action of chamomile, mint or sweet fennel tea is well worth trying, when you're so wrapped up in love matters, that you can hardly see straight. To coax a sense of calm and send you off to a sweet, sound sleep, nap upon a lacy pillow filled with lavender, hops and meadow sweet. The fragrances blend together and lull one into an easy drifting dream state, in contrast to the frenetic feelings that passion can stir up.

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Love Potion #4

Ladies of the 18th century made a mystical love potion called "angel water," said to be irresistible to men. This antique perfume combines rose-, orange- and myrtle waters, distilled with spirits of musk and ambergris. Sounds like it packs quite an aphrodisiac punch.


Love Potion #6

Caraway seeds have been involved in love lore for centuries, partly because of the "spicie taste that doth warme..."...but mostly because if one gave a lover caraway seeds to carry in his or her pocket, that person could never stray. The gentleman groom carried the seeds faithfully to the altar on the wedding day.


Love Potion #8

In the Middle Ages, young men seeking love were advised by the Elders to make a green pulp of myrtle leaves, and anoint their bodies with it, to lure the ladies of their desire. For centuries, myrtle sprigs were carried with roses, in wedding ceremonies.